Whiteboard Meeting Solution

Use as local or remote whiteboard for your meeting room with the video conference solution of your choice.

FlatFrog whiteboards provide the ultimate in easy-to-use, multi-touch, in-room digital whiteboard solutions that future-proof your meeting room investments.

Large, interactive digital whiteboards transform a stale conference room into a productive environment, designed for collaborative problem solving between team members.  

FlatFrog whiteboards provide the ultimate in easy-to-use, multitouch, in-room digital whiteboard solutions.

The FlatFrog Whiteboard Meeting Room

Use as standalone digital whiteboard for your meeting room with the video conference solution of your choice.

From Huddle to Large

Huddle Rooms

With the rise of the open work-space, the huddle room acts as a useful meeting space designed for 2 to 4 people. Having a built in InRoom™ digital whiteboard significantly increases worker productivity for that quick brainstorm. Consider to replace your TV or projector with an InGlass™ display with a matching InRoom™ whiteboard.

Medium and Large Rooms

Medium to large conference rooms for a large group of people demand impactful, streamlined communication. Watch FlatFrog’s pen-on-paper responsiveness, ultra-crisp InGlass™ displays, and unlimited pages canvas take your meeting room experience to new heights.

Speaker + Mic + Camera
Optional: Table Controller e.g. iPad, Logitec Tap
Optional: HDMI Capture Device
Optional: Wireless Screensharing

An Open, Flexible Platform Built for the Enterprise

FlatFrog is the trusted market leader in digital whiteboard sales to Enterprise companies.


Create a seamless meeting room experience


Patented InGlass™ technology provides pen-to-paper ease


Use FlatFrog displays and digital whiteboard software with your existing meeting roomtech stack


Local and secure data


Portable cloud option


Stop struggling with traditional whiteboards your remote employees can’t see


Pre-built templates for business users and engineering teams


The most simple and intuitive digital whiteboard experience anywhere

Step 1. Connect the Hardware

Connect your InGlass™ interactive display with a Windows 10 PC and your optional accessories.

See System requirements
Interactive InGlass™ Display
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HDMI Capture Device
Audio Video Room Kit
Wireless Screensharing Device

Step 2. Install the FlatFrog Board Software

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