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Collaborate as though your team is in the same room

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Designed for InGlass displays

InGlass Display

Wainhouse Research Report

"FlatFrog’s avowed goal is to 'make it easy to create a fast framework for getting a more structured meeting.' The product indeed succeeds in this manner."

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Productive teams require the right tools

On a laptop or in the meeting room, with hybrid whiteboard collaborate as though we were all in the same room

1. Select meeting room hardware

Select meeting room equipment. Several flexible equipment options are available below. Contact us for assistance.
Install InGlass Display

2. Install  Display, PC and optional peripherals

Install display and peripherals. Also check out the meeting room configurations below.
Download Whiteboard

3. Download and install FlatFrog™ Board for Rooms software on your PC

Download FlatFrog™ Board for Rooms whiteboard software and configure PC as per your IT requirements.
Collaborate With Team On The Whiteboard

4. Collaborate with your team

Launch FlatFrog™ Board for Rooms and start your hybrid whiteboard collaboration in-room or remote.

Meeting room equipment

InGlass Display From A Partner

Interactive Room Display
Room PC


PC Pricing
MSRP $639-1049

Select InGlass display and get FlatFrog™ Board for free

DELL - FlatFrog Hardware Display Partner


DELL interactive monitor user?
Get FlatFrog™ Board for free
NEC- FlatFrog Hardware Partner


NEC interactive monitor user?
Get FlatFrog™ Board for free
Legamaster Logo- FlatFrog Display Partner

Legamaster displays

Legamaster monitor user?
Get FlatFrog™ Board for free

HDMI Capture Device

HDMI Pricing
MSRP $299

Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing Pricing
MSRP $499-999

Where to buy PC and peripheral?

Configure your meeting room

FlatFrog Board™ Companion Solution

Ideal for Medium, Large Meeting Rooms and Board Rooms

For rooms that have an existing TV, add an InGlass display

Dual Display Whiteboard Solution

Single Display Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) Solution

Single Display BYOM Solution

Ideal for Smaller Rooms and Huddle Rooms

No need for Zoom or Team Rooms subscription. Just use the Video conference on your laptop and connect to FlatFrog™ Board via wired or wireless screen sharing.

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