Free Kanban Template for Online Whiteboard

Free Kanban Template for your whiteboard

Start collaborating with your agile/hybrid team instantly with our set of Kanban templates for the free FlatFrog online whiteboard.  

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Save your team's time

Don't waste your team’s time on creating Kanban boards and other collaborative tools. Use our free online whiteboarding app with ready-to-deploy Kanban templates and instantly collaborate with your office-based, offsite or hybrid team in real time.

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What is Kanban Whiteboard Template?

The best Kanban Whiteboard template to help you get things done.

Kanban Board

Manage your project workflow in a highly visual way

The FlatFrog online whiteboard is well suited for using Kanban methodology within the office or for hybrid work. As a visual workflow management system, Kanban is an ideal fit for the intuitively visual and no-training-required FlatFrog app. It can be paired with many others such as Gantt, Storyboarding and Scrum, just to name a few.

When to use?

Perfect for project managing

Kanban boards have become an essential component of every project manager’s toolkit to collaboratively visualize workflow, limit active items to maintain the team’s focus at any given time, and to ensure smooth movement of work items from concept to completion.

Available Templates

Whiteboard templates

The FlatFrog board offers four templates for Kanban: Basic Kanban using sticky notes, Kanban Cards, Kanban Table and Kanban Lanes. Together, these should meet your Kanban needs.

Launch Kanban template in 3 steps


Start a New Board

After sign up, click 'New Board'.

Customize your free Kanban template

Choose a Kanban Template from the Project Management and Agile category.


Invite collaborators

Invite participants to join and contribute to the session using the ‘+’ button on the right, and you will be collaborating on your Kanban board within minutes.

It’s easy to get started

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